Hello to all readers. It’s a new sunny day and time to make a new review. This time we have selected SUPREMEVPS to test out but we are not able to do so. Maybe we will have more luck with some other provider, who will know. I must let you know that I do not have any affiliation with any VPS provider at all, and I always order (pay) for VPS, so that providers even do not know that they are used to make a review. This is done to make sure that we get real statistic from the nodes used to put clients on it, and not something made for testing (review). So we placed an order with SUPREME VPS provider with the following specs:


  • SolusVM OpenVZ
  • 1 x CPU
  • 3.30GHz
  • 768MB RAM


Let’s get back to the story. We have placed an order on the website and got instant activation. So far so good, so let’s check email for login details so that we can test VPS and provide you with the review. We have tried to log in but we got an error, and we try to ping IP no response. Ok, not a big deal as we found this on their website:


24/7 Technical Support

SupremeVPS provides 24/7 technical support. Whether you contact us during business hours or outside of business hours – you’ll receive a response right away to your question(s).


Sure, we will make a ticket and let them know that something is wrong. They offer response even outside of business hours for the technical request, so it will be solved fast. The ticket was opened at  01:24 (time from WHMCS). During the time waiting for the ticket response we have logged in to the SolusVM and saw this:



It is clear that a complete node is down and that they even do not know or do not care. In both cases, it is something that simply can’t happen with a good hosting provider.

After one hour no response to a ticket, (so outside business hours they must sleep or at least that was in our minds), we have decided to bump my ticket and time was 02:28. A few minutes later finally we got the first response:


Really? Finally, someone to check. But to check what? We new customers, so  VPS should work out of the box. It is so simple to fix such a problem, by making VPS on other node or such. It will never be good to have such first touch with a client. Or maybe we wrong? Even so, we have responded back to the ticket, asking them about the statement on their website regarding support, the one quoted in this review, and also told them to provide us with working VPS or simply to cancel services and provide a full refund as they offer 48 hours refund guarantee no question asked. A ticket was updated by my side at 03:41. At this time we took a picture from SupremeVPS portal:

As you can see it’s something really really wrong with VPS and node itself. But we have waited to see with what they will come out. After 2 hours finally, we got a response from the same guy is checking what the problem is, so here is the response:

So after 4 hours finally we got our working VPS right? WELL BIG NO. They admit that node is overloaded (oversold). If this guy at all bothers to read ticket he will know the problem, and if he takes his time to just ping my VPS IP he would know that there is no response. So it is clear that they are unprofessional, servers are oversold and for sure they do not know what they are doing. They do not read the ticket at all. Also, our refund request is ignored so far, and at the time of writing this review, we still wait for an answer on refund request. So before you place an order with this provider it will be good to think twice.



We got a response to create us new VPS on a new node (which could be done 6 hours before) when we have opened a ticket. Even if we asked them 3 times for refund now, they are ignoring our requests, and offer their services, which is clear that we do not want to test anymore after all this time and pain.



On the ticket where we have asked for a refund, they still ignore our request and provide answers which they needed to provide 7 hours ago when we have placed an order.


This is our 4th and last time that we have requested to cancel services and provide a full refund, and if it is not provided, we will go with a chargeback. We will not post feature updates regarding this provider here, we will post only if we get a refund at all.



As  they keep ignoring our request for refund we have opened PayPal disput, after which they provided us with full refund.


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