CoinMiner found in third-party Zoom download

The bad news for Zoom keeps coming rolling in with Trend Micro researchers finding CoinMiner being bundled with a legitimate installer of the video conferencing software.
Milum trojan

Milum trojan used against Mid-Eastern targets

Kaspersky has uncovered a highly targeted attack striking a single country using a trojan written in C++ that has not been spotted before. Milum trojan shows...
VMware critical vulnerability

VMware critical vulnerability execution bug in hypervisors

VMware has updated its Workstation hosted hypervisor and Fusion software hypervisor, fixing a critical vulnerability that could be exploited to trigger arbitrary code execution or a denial of service condition.

AWS launches Bottlerocket, a Linux-based

AWS has launched its own open-source operating system for running containers on both virtual machines and bare-metal hosts. Bottlerocket, as the new OS is called, is basically a stripped-down Linux distribution that’s...
let's encrypt

Bug prompts Let’s Encrypt to revoke over 3M TLS certificates

Beginning today, Let’s Encrypt is revoking more than 3 million of its Transport Layer Security (TLS) certificates, following the discovery of a bug that affects the way it rechecks...
russian hackers

Russian hackers responsible for stealing $6.5M

A Russian hackers group, which specializes in stealing from banks, has shifted its attention to financial institutes across Australia. The established group, known as Silence, has been threatening to...

Lokibot now using fake Epic Games installer to fool victims

he data harvesting malware Lokibot has again been upgraded by its creators, this time to impersonate a popular online game launcher in order to trick victims into mistakenly downloading...
Microsoft warns

Microsoft warns: attackers are exploiting zero day in IE scripting engine

Microsoft warns: Hackers are actively exploiting a zero day vulnerability in Internet Explorer, prompting a warning from the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA).
Microsoft patches IE vulnerability

Microsoft patches IE vulnerability being exploited in the wild

Microsoft issued a patch for an Internet Explorer scripting engine memory corruption vulnerability that could lead remote code execution and that has been detected in the wild.

Adobe patches critical Magento security vulnerabilities

Adobe issued an out-of-band security advisory and issued patches for six vulnerabilities, three critical, in its Magento Commerce and Open Source products. The Adobe products affected...
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