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Web News is here to bring you latest web, IT, security and hosting news on daily bases. Also, we provide our users with the latest hosting offers and coupon codes.



If you have any suggestion, offer or simply you wish to get in contact with us, you can do it if you click here.


Questions & Answers

Q. What kind of offers you will list on the website?

  • Right now we will list only VPS offers in the offer sections and coupon codes for all hosting services, but this may change in future so keep an eye on this page.
  • Providers under 6 months age must keep public whois details or we will not be able to list them.
  • Providers under 1 year age may not submit yearly offers

Q. Ok I’m interested and I wish to post my offer. How can I do this?

If you wish to post your offer on our website please click here to get in touch with us. Also please provide us with the following details:

  • Which virtualization do you use (OpenVZ, KVM, etc…)
  • Amount of disk space, ram, bw, IPv4, IPv6, CPU, port speed, and any other useful information.
  • Location & Data Center with test IP, test files, looking glass
  • Maximum 2 VPS plans with price

Q. I sent you my offer but you did not list it. Why?

There are a few possible reasons for that:

  • You are spamming our mailbox so we put you to spam/ignore list.
  • Your last offer is listed less than a month ago
  • You are less than 6 months in business and have private whois enabled
  • Your website looks incomplete, Terms of services are missing, etc…


If you made mistake in your offer, please contact us using a form provided on this page, so we can fix this for you.


 Note: These rules can change at any time, so please once again keep an eye on this page, or your offer may not be listed.

Thank you for showing interest in our website.